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Little Light of Mine

I've recently had the pleasure of working with a new organization that has a very unique mission. Little Light of Mine is located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  And, I was recently asked by Grace-Anne Alfiero of Arts In Action Consulting to do a quick tweak of their website. Now normally I … [Read More...]

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Blue Ridge Institute

Well, yesterday was the day! And today... well, let's say changes were coming fast and furious. Actually, I enjoyed making the changes to the new Blue Ridge Institute's website today. They were mostly unifying the copy, adding pictures of the Executive Leadership and correcting typos; … [Read More...]

Fantastic Samoan Blog!

  Recently, my parents were given a fantastic gift, by fellow ETV Producer/Director Gary Bergland.  Gary is one of the original six producers that started the eTV project.  He had printed out all of the blog postings from The Letters From Samoa by Chrissie Broquet and bound them.  This … [Read More...]

Florida Self-Advocacy Alliance Website

Approximately a year ago I had the pleasure of quickly creating a new website for the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. (FDDC) through my great friend Grace-Anne Alfiero's Arts In Action Consulting firm.  I created a super clean site with the use of bridge imagery for the Florida … [Read More...]

Arts In Action’s Interactive Book

I am so proud of my good friend Grace-Anne Alfiero's first eBook for non-profit agencies called "A Visual Guide To A Team Grant Writing Plan."  This eBook was designed as a give away for individuals that signed up for her blog postings.  The eBook is in a PDF format and can be shared and emailed to … [Read More...]